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Ordering and downloading the MorningWell "App"

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MorningWell is now available under the brand name "Nevasic" as a download for Apple devices and for Android. It is the same programme, works in the same way and produces the same results.

Nevasic for Apple devices is £11.99 from the App StoreSM.

for the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®. Make sure you are buying for the right device as refunds against iTunes purchases can not be made.

See iTunes Store Terms if unsure

Nevasic for Android devices is £11.99 from the Android Store.

Please ensure your device is capable of running Android Apps prior to making your purchase as refunds are not possible.

Nevasic - Daval Ltd
Android app on Google Play
Be aware we have not released Nevasic in mp3 format as it loses too much effcicacy and while playable on any mp3 device - the reason for having the programme is lost if it does not work.

Security and secure payments.

The security of credit card transactions is a valid concern of today's knowledgeable on-line merchants as well as on-line shoppers. We therefore leave all transaction procedures in the hands of the relevant processors - currently iTunes and Android.

As we do not collect any data from you directly or indirectly you have nothoing to worry about from a security point of view in connection with our site and payments.

Customer Support and Service.

For customer support, questions and service please telephone our office number: +44 (0)1256 414160

Call costs: These will be at the rate relative to your locality and time of call.
Please be advised we manually answer calls between the hours of 0900 and 1730 hours Monday to Friday. Messages may be left at all other times.
Alternatively you can write to us at :

C/o South Building
Upper Farm
Wootton St. Lawrence
RG23 8PE

Please state clearly the nature of your query and provide the most suitable points of contact to enable us to reply to you. We respond to customer queries within 5 days, and resolve all issues within 10 days.

Statutory Rights.

None of the above affect your your statutory rights as a consumer.

Returns Policy.

Downloaded App.

Apple's policy on sale's through the iTunes store in that "All sales are final" which means they will NOT refund ANYpurchase.

Please see their document:

As we would not be refunded by Apple - we can not offer refunds for downloads purchased through the iTunes store.

If you are certain and you want to go ahead please click the download button to be taken to the iTunes store.

The audio industry policy on returns for audio products is fairly straight forward. Unless and audio product has arrived with you in a condition where it will not play a product will not be accepted for return if it has been opened. This is a fair policy under normal rules of engagement as it protects the industry from open abuse i.e. copy and return, however, in our instance our product is not a "normal" audio product. Therefore if you feel you are not deriving benefit from our programme within 7 days of purchase we will accept returns and refund the price of the product and the vat content - less the postage.

Customer Complaints.

In the unlikely event you have a complaint about our product or company, we will ensure you are responded to within 5 days and that your complaint is brought to resolution within 10 days.
Please state clearly the nature of your complaint and provide the most suitable points of contact to enable us to reply to you. 


Please either write to us via email or normal post.

info"at" (replace "at" with @) to us the nature of your complaint or write with details to us:

C/o South Building
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Wootton St. Lawrence
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We will respond to emails received immediately and to written letters within 5 days and your complaint will be resolved within 10 working days.


We greatly value all custom and the privacy of our customers. We operate the following policy and procedures for your benefit. 

We do not receive your credit card details, all transactions are dealt with securely by the cart operators at iTunes and Paypal. All we receive is an email from PayPal telling us where a CD is to be delivered to and who ordered it. We do not receive credit card details.

We do not send bulk unsolicited emails to customers.

We do not operate any mailing lists. We believe the nature of our product being a one time purchase product with no future upgrade path does not require or justify our compiling any form of mailing list.

We do not pass on or share any customer information with anyone.

We do not operate opt in or out mailing preferences - we do not send emails to customers unless you have mailed us first and asked for a reply. Email contact will then be restricted to that which satisfies your original enquiry, after which you will receive no more contact.

We do not at this time operate mailing lists - you will never hear from us again, unless you specifically request contact. Here again, contact with you is limited to answering your specific query or resolving your issue.

We do not employ a cookie system within our web sites, however a cookies may be operated by the transaction processing facilities of iTunes or PayPal - we have no control over these or information from them.

We do, from time to time check that our product has been delivered safely - this is limited to a one time mailing and is designed to maintain our high levels of customer satisfaction.
This policy is normally effected randomly from our order log and is restricted to to one or two chosen recipients per month and is not restricted to any particular country.

Price changes.

We reserve the right to adjust our market pricing. Special offer pricing will only be effective if marked up as such throughout our site. When a special offer price is ended it will be removed from general placement on the site. We apologise if you manage to find reference to a previous offer price in an obsolete page or discreet folder - we do our best to ensure all pages are adjusted.


The world's FIRST "Class 1 Medical Device App" is available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It is also available on CD.

Why MorningWell?
    YesClinically tested
    YesNHS researched
    YesDrug free
    YesEasy to administer




MorningWell has featured on the RCM Training  DVD

MorningWell at! 

MorningWell uses "Nevasic" technology.
Our anti-emetic programme is called Nevasic. We market the programme for morning sickness under a name that is easier to remember for morning sickness sufferers.
A registered class 1 medical device in the UK and USA. Registered "Exempt" in Australia.
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