A test with pregnant women.


"To our knowledge, the only product to go through an 18 month NHS commissioned and managed study with pregnant women."

Analysing the figures

Although hopes were high, expectations at the start of thee study were not great, after all anecdotal testimony from mothers was all we had.

Despite there being a broad pattern to the results there were instances that did not meet logic. Why did some mothers with very mild symptoms fail to gain benefit, when some mothers with Hyperemesis Gravidarum derived the greatest benefit?

Efficacy and analysis

The mood swing in the study now centres on why did it not work for the ten percent? Is there something we missed or that the mother is doing that brought about the failure to stop the symptoms? Already we have seen three revisions in the simple and concise instructions for use that improved the success ratio during the study.

The study was commissioned by:


The Winchester and Eastleigh NHS Trust in conjunction with mothers attending the Andover NHS Birth Centre.

Organised by:

Mr M J Heard FRCOG
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Royal Hampshire County Hospital
Romsey Road
SO22 5DG

The study was managed by Midwife:

Mrs. Lynne Mayo, SRN, SCM.

Lynne Mayo's signature


The study results are available via the links under this performance graph.

Synopsis 1   |   Synopsis 2   |   Report

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